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Welcome to the studio of David Scherb where you will find paintings of originality and excellence. If you are searching for art that compliments the home, office, business, lodge, etc. then the art you need may be available from the collection of original works or Giclee canvas art prints shown here. Commission work in the creative styles combining brush and palette knife presented at this website are also available. If interested in an original commissioned art work, please contact me via email or post.

Most of my original landscape oil paintings reflect scenes in the mountains and valleys of the Northwest, in particular Washington and Idaho. I am also drawn to painting, from an architectural sense, church cloisters which seem to possess an ageless history of life that has been imprinted in their foot-word stone pathways. My production of lakes and seascape paintings are of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille and the matchless Oregon coast.


Spectrum Fine Arts, Spokane, WA
Old World Art Gallery, Newport Beach, Ca.
Poulsen Art Gallery, Pasadena, Ca.
Arts Council of Snohomish Co., Everett, Wa.
The Winn Corp., Seattle, Wa.
Art Lecture Series Invitational, Hope, Id.
Vintage Wheel Museum, Sandpoint, Id.
Selkirk Fine Art Gallery, Sandpoint, Id.
Walsdorf Gallery, Spokane Wa.
Simic New Renaissance Gallery, Carmel, Ca.
POAC Art Show, Sandpoint, Id.
Snohomish Invitational, Snohomish, Wa.
Gallery Oscar, Sun Valley, Id.
Douglas Gallery, Spokane, Wa.
Galleria De Felice, Spokane, Wa.
Silver Creek Gallery, Sandpoint, Id

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We reserve the right to make giclees from our original works.
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